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OK folks here is the final presentation! Please make sure that you all go through it and rehearse your parts.

1. Guilherme: History of Wikileaks

2. André: Research IT System
Wikileaks first gained access to millions of confidential documents through one of its activist’s server. This activist owned and operated a server used by the The Onion Routing (TOR) network. The TOR network works by using servers who have been donated to “move” traffic back and forth on the way to its final destination. The TOR network architecture allows the administrator of each node to access the IP address from which the encrypted information was sent but cannot access the data itself nor can it find out to which node the data is being sent to. It is believed that the activists node was an exit node, this means that, by default, the last node through which the information is sent has to decode the data before sending it to its final destination. This meant that the activist had access to millions of documents sent by what he thought were Chinese dissidents.

Since its creation Wikileaks has been hosted by Swedish internet service provider PRQ. The main server is hosted in a Cold War bunker, while the other twenty or so, servers are hosted all around the world, usually in countries which allow legal protection to the documents published on Wikileaks. Wikileaks uses military grade encryption and keeps no logs to allow complete anonymity for its users. Wikileaks also uses SSL certificates, a cryptographic protocol which provides secure communications through the internet.

3. Edson: Intellectual Property

4. Francisco Oliveira & Benjon: Privacy & anonymity

Another example where Wikileaks violates privacy is by providing names and details of Afghan Collaborators of U.S force to the public and more importantly Taliban.
After Wiki leaks published several secret U.S documents containing the list of various Afghan people collaborating with the U.S force possessed a high risk on the lives of those Afghan Collaborators. Recently after this list was published, which included the name of “Khalifa Abdullah” who was believed to be in close contact with the American troops was taken from his home and executed by Taliban.
In fact reports shows that death threats have gone to many homes of Afghan Collaborators.
One handwritten note read “We have made a decision for your death. You have five days to leave Afghan soil. If you don’t, you don’t have the right to complain.”
The documents released by wiki leaks not only puts the lives of many innocence civilians at danger but also weakens the U.S force as many Afghan civilian would be reluctant about cooperating with U.S force after the documents has been leaked.

5. Francisco Zhan: Reliability & integrity

6. Isy: Conclusion / Solution


Wikipedia has a bunch of interesting leaks from the past few years we could research:

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