1.11 People and machines

IBO ITGS 2012 Definition:
The use of IT systems brings significant advantages, for instance in ease of use, being available 24/7, or
through its use rather than exposing humans to a potentially hazardous environment. However, this can
raise concerns about the rate at which technology is being introduced and issues that may arise from
insufficient testing in critical situations such as air traffic control. The ultimate fear of many people is that
future systems will be programmed to make decisions that would be better taken by humans, such as the
decision to deploy nuclear weapons.
There are also social impacts such as internet addiction, where people feel that they can never get away
from IT and are trapped on a “digital treadmill”.

what will our future look like? i watched this clip on you tube, giving advancements in technology in the next few years- this video mentions something that is in the IB definition which is 24h availability, with the electronic maps, that just fold up. :
i bet one day we do this... right in the beginning he says: things change, yes they really do..: for this movie, real robots were used, so i guess we are even closer than we thought.
This website has loads of different recent technology developments, it lists the advantages they have... within all these examples they is somethings on: social networks, e-mail,web-shop etc.:

History demonstrates that when new inventions are introduced into a society, the society changes, we can see this mainly in the industrial revolution

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